Borrowing a loan to manage your debts seems like the only right thing to do when you are in a state of panic and emergency but keeping up with the payments is anything but a child’s play. You never know what unexpected expenses or other unfortunate events may put you off-track and you are unable to keep up with the loan payments. Logbook loans come in quite handy when you are in need of emergency cash and can’t go for conventional means because of your bad credit rating, thus you use your car as collateral. You never know about life so you have to prepare yourself or keep a backup plan in case you are unable to return the loan because that would put your vehicle on the risk of repossession. Go through our blog below to know how you should deal with a logbook loan that you are unable to pay back.

Stay calm, don’t panic

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to maintain a calm demeanor. Panicking doesn’t help; it only makes the situation worse. Be as cool as a cucumber and approach your money lending company and inform them about your situation. If the company’s cooperative and understanding, they will try to reach a new payment agreement regarding the debt balance. They may agree to delay the due date until you get the amount together or temporarily lower the amount enough for you to pay it on time. However, you will be required to make some efforts too and provide evidence to your lender that you are indeed working to round up the money and promise to make the next payment as soon as you can.

Maintain a healthy communication with the lender

In order to reduce the chances of your vehicle getting repossessed, you have to maintain a cordial and good communication with your lending company. They would like to help you resolve your money problems and suggest you different solutions since their time and money is on stake as well. So, you need to keep providing assurance to the company that paying the loan is your top priority and you are working for it. Neither the company nor you would want to get your vehicle repossessed because this process is tedious and costly for the lending company as well. They would rather accept your payment a bit late than go for repossession process; therefore, you have to make sure that you have a clear communication with your lender.

Debt management

If you are still having problems and your debt is piling up, contact a debt management company or charity whose sole purpose of existence is to help out those who are going through a debt crisis. Money Advice Service is a highly recommended UK website that provides general advice regarding money, finances, budgeting and debt. They will help you make better money decisions and manage your finances.

Citizens Advice is another organization whose special focus is to help those with debt problems. Visit their website at and get in touch with their representative as soon as you can.

National Debtline is another multi-funded charity that offers confidential advice to people having debt problems and helps those who are going through a financial crisis.

What you must remember is that recovering from a financial crisis is not easy. It requires patience and perseverance. Also, you might have to make some sacrifices so brace yourself for that. Do not ever consider taking another loan to pay off a pending logbook loan, chances are that you will fall in even more debt. Just focus on paying the loan at hand before applying for more.

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