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Are you one of those people who got rejected for a loan because of your bad credit history? Are you in need of a quick loan because of a financial emergency but do not have time to indulge in lengthy, tedious procedures?

There can’t be a better option than Cabinet Reed Loans for you on this earth because that’s exactly what we exist for; To help out those who have no place to turn to due to bad credit history and lend you money in the easiest and most hassle-free way possible. We are a local company based in United Kingdom that offers logbook loan services to people, especially those who have a bad credit record, right within the comfort of their homes or workplace. We provide loans for all purposes and cater to all sorts of customers as long as we are sure that they will be able to keep up with the monthly payments. All you need in order to obtain a logbook loan is a vehicle.

What are Logbook Loans?

Logbook loans are pretty simple. Basically, the loan is secured against the value of the vehicle that you own. It can be a car, truck, motorcycle, van or a lorry. The logbook or V5 of your vehicle is the vehicle registration certificate that verifies that the vehicle is registered on your name. It is transferred to the ownership of the lender for the duration of the loan until it is returned.

So, technically the lending company becomes the owner of the vehicle but it remains in the customer’s possession. It is a secured short-term loan and comes in handy when you need a fast and hassle-free loan. To put it simply, you get to drive the vehicle but the lending company retains your logbook. Once the loan is returned, the company sends the logbook back and you get full ownership of the vehicle again.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to obtain a logbook loan, one must be a legal UK resident, 18 years of age or above and most importantly own a vehicle that is MOT’d, taxed, insured and is in a good state. Also, you would be required to prove your ability to keep up with the monthly repayments.

How to Apply?

If you interested in applying for a logbook loan with our company, fill up the form given above so that we can get necessary particulars about you. A representative from our company will contact you to discuss your situation and calculate how fitting it would be for us to lend the amount that you need. At Cabinet Reed Loans, we truly understand how much of a dilemma a person goes through when in need of emergency funds, therefore, owing to our efficient and fast services, we offer you a free no obligation logbook loan quote within minutes of applying.

Loan Range

The amount we lend depends on several different factors like the value of your vehicle, your ability to return the loan etc but generally, we offer loans between £250 and £50,000. Within that range, we can easily offer you a loan that’s suits your preferences.

Things to remember

The vehicle against which the logbook loan is secured maybe repossessed by the company if the repayments are not made on time. Also, late or missed payments may bring upon yourself extra charges.
We, at Cabinet Reed Loans, strive to achieve excellence and dominate the local logbook loans market by offering the most efficient and user-friendly services. Just like TopLogbookLoan, we are an independent lending company. All our agreements are carried out under the rules of financial conduct authority and we abide by CCTA voluntary code of practice strictly.